Taps (1981)


Movie Review

Don’t let the fact that this takes place at a junior military academy fool you. When the corps of Bunker Hill Academy is threatened, the cadets band together to attempt to save their home. This movie really does portray exactly what being a soldier is all about. When push comes to shove, the most important thing to a soldier is the man or woman next to him. While c/MAJ Morland himself may have been disillusioned with General Baige, the rest of the cadets at Bunker Hill Academy fought for each other. This truly is an epic portrayal of the soldier. Through powerful performances by Penn, Cruise and Hutton, the film is able to show that one’s young age is not a prohibiter of understanding of one very important word: Honor.

Taps (1981)

PG | 2h 6min

Synopsis: Military cadets take extreme measures to insure the future of their academy when its existence is threatened by local condo developers.

Directors: Harold Becker

Cast: George C. Scott, Timothy Hutton, Ronny Cox