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  • Kepcil Digital Designs Open this website in new window 
    Offers on-line information about computing and digital imaging.
    Date added: Fri Oct 3 20:08:24 2003

  • Open this website in new window 
    Features news, resources, and discussion forums for the graphic design and web site creation community.
    Date added: Fri Oct 3 20:15:18 2003

  • Printing & Graphics Terminology Open this website in new window 
    A growing and evolving guide to the cryptic language used in the pre-press and printing industries.
    Date added: Fri Oct 3 20:19:48 2003

  • Pixel Planes Home Page Open this website in new window 
    Research group dedicated to building graphics engines with an emphasis on scalability and real-time rendering. It is also our goal to provide hardware and software platforms upon which new graphics and computer-interaction techniques can be explored.
    Date added: Fri Oct 3 20:23:49 2003

  • IBM Query By Image Content Open this website in new window 
    QBIC: system which allows for queries of large image databases based on visual image content: properties such as color percentages, color layout, and textures occurring in the images. Has demos and links to working databases.
    Date added: Fri Oct 3 20:27:23 2003

  • Country Web Graphics Open this website in new window 
    Country primitive graphics, web sets, country and craft web site design, FREE graphics and monthly wallpaper, hosting and desktop publishing for crafters and small business!
    Date added: Tue Jan 13 15:27:09 2004

  • 3D eBook Covers Design Open this website in new window 
    Covers and Labels for Your on-line products with matching full web site graphics package.
    Date added: Sun May 2 09:15:05 2004

  • Marketing Quotes Open this website in new window 
    Marketing Quotes is a free service to UK businesses to help them get free advise and quotes from local graphic design companies.
    Date added: Thu Oct 21 03:22:39 2010

  • Freelancer Graphic Designer Open this website in new window 
    Anyone looking for freelancer or freelance graphics designer must always want to be concern with those professional have proven records. Find a professional graphics designer with ManpritKalsi in India has better credibility will adhere to deadlines.
    Date added: Mon Nov 14 22:27:23 2011

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