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  • 8th Grade Sci-ber Text
    Explore matter, energy, forces, machines, and the Earth. Includes pictures, fun activities, interesting labs, and Quicktime movies too!

  • Activities in Science from Syvum
    Try out their interactive quizzes and learn about chemistry, biology, physics, and more.

  • BBC: KS2 Revisewise Science
    Check out your knowledge of living things, materials, and physical processes and then see how much you know by testing yourself with a fun game.

  • Chem4Kids
    Beginner's look into the states of matter, atoms, reactions, and other elements of chemistry.

  • ChemBalancer
    Try to balance out chemical equations with this tool.

  • Chemistry Functions
    This cool site will do molar conversions and balance equations at the click of a mouse! It also has a periodic table for reference.

  • Edventures Term Browser
    Look up tricky math and science terms.

  • Harcourt Science
    Offers activities and resources by topic including updated Science news and video clips from CNN Turner Learning. In English or Spanish.

  • Kids' Place
    Get smart with these online games and activities in Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts from Houghton Mifflin. What's your favorite subject?

  • MathMol Hypermedia Textbook
    Tons of details about water, matter and energy, and atoms and molecules, for kids in grades 3-5.

  • Names of Animals, Babies and Groups of Animals
    Did you know that a baby shark is a pup, a female ferret is a jill, and a group of lions is a pride? Check out other animals too, including an info page for each one.

  • National Geographic Homework Help
    Help on a variety of topics including animals, history, culture, geography, science, and nature. Includes photo galleries and descriptions of various places in the world. Also provides a dictionary and thesaurus.

  • Science Education at Jefferson Lab
    Play games to increase your science knowledge and check out the homework help section.

  • Science Made Simple
    Get clear, detailed answers to common science questions.

  • Science Vocabulary Hangman
    Have you been studying your science and math vocab lately? Test yourself with this interesting twist on the traditional Hangman game.

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