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  • 2001: Destination Space
    Check out The Tech Museum's exhibit that compares the science found in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey to real science and technology of today. Find fun projects to do like building your own rocket booster or designing a space station.

  • All About Space
    Learn about the planets and other objects in space, try out some interactive puzzles, take a solar system tutorial, learn why the sky is blue, and much much more.

  • Amazing Space
    Interactive activities on topics like comets, stars, black holes, the solar system, and the Hubble Space Telescope with its amazing multimedia gallery. Far out!

  • Are Humans All Alone in the Universe?
    Come visit this cool interactive site and try to find out if we are really alone! Some information also in Japanese.

  • Astro-Venture
    Search for and create a planet capable of sustaining life as you play the role of a NASA Astronomer, Geologist, Biologist, or Atmospheric Scientist.

  • Astronomy for Kids
    Have fun exploring the universe we live in! Learn about the planets, see sky maps to find your favorite stars, and get answers to astronomy questions.

  • Astronomy Now
    Get information on all sorts of astronomical and space topics from this popular U.K. magazine's site.

  • At Home Astronomy
    Try these hands-on experiments with your entire family, from the Center for Space Education at UC Berkeley. You can learn how to build a lunar settlement, find out the size of the sun and the moon, or even make an astrolabe!

  • AttaDog - Space
    Find pictures and information about asteroids, comets, planets and moons, and everything else about the universe.

  • Beyond Our Skies
    This detailed ThinkQuest site explores the realm of outer space. Explore the Earth, sun, and moon, learn about time, find out about other planets, or read up on the history of astronomy.

  • CosmicQuest
    Examine the universe, find out what's in the sky tonight, design a space station online, and take off on an expedition to the North Magnetic Pole. Very cosmic!

  • Exploring Planets in the Classroom
    Hands-on activities on all sorts of planetary topics!

  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Get official answers for your questions about the sun and moon, time, calendars, the history of holidays, and other topics related to astronomy. From the U.S. Naval Observatory.

  • KidSpace - Canadian Space Agency
    Get set to blast off on an exciting online adventure! Learn about different space careers, find fun facts, and submit your own spacy jokes and reports.

  • Kidz Exploring Space
    About the planets, stars, galaxies, aliens, and how Greek and Roman mythology are related to outer space. Includes a section on the history of space exploration. From ThinkQuest.

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