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Directory > Science & Nature > Weather
Avalanches (3)
Climate (7)
Clouds (4)
Drought (7)
El Niņo & La Niņa (14)
Experiments & Activities (7)
Extreme Temperatures (6)
Floods (13)
Forecasts & Weather Maps (17)
Humidity (2)
Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones (33)
Lightning (8)
Meteorologists (6)
Monsoons (5)
Snow (10)
Thunderstorms (6)
Tornadoes (18)
Weather Instruments (5)
Weather Safety (15)
Wind (8)

  • BrainPOP: Weather
    Watch cartoons, take quizzes, and try experiments to learn about weather and related topics such as the water cycle, wind, and more.

  • Dan's Wild Wild Weather Page Cool Site
    Visit this interactive weather page created by a Chief Meteorologist.

  • Extreme Weather Sourcebook 2001
    Get all the stats on how much damage was caused by weather in the U.S.

  • For Kids Only - Earth Science Enterprise Cool Site
    From NASA. Includes images, survey, and facts on earth science and weather.

  • Franklin's Forecast
    Build your own weather station, learn about today's weather technologies, or check the weather right now at this fun site!

  • Global Forest
    Learn all about different species of trees in Forest Biology. Or, shred through GF-Awesome and learn about weather, ecology, and other cool topics.

  • It's a Breeze: How Air Pressure Affects You
    Find out what it is, how it affects people, or try out some experiments.

  • Meteorology Online
    This ThinkQuest site has tons of info on weather for young children and students. Read up on wind, sky watching, rain, the sun, and much more! Also available in Chinese or French.

  • Mount Washington Observatory
    This New Hampshire mountain is home to the worst weather in the world! Check out their recent weather data, live views from the summit, and educational programs.

  • NASA Earth Observatory Cool Site
    Monitor regional and global changes on our planet almost as they happen! This neat site lets you use real satellite data to explore the causes and effects of environmental change.

  • Oklahoma Climatological Survey Educational Outreac
    Learn about meteorology and meteorologists, see how other students use weather data, and have fun learning about the weather.

  • On-line Meteorology Guide
    Find information on storms, hurricanes, El Nino, and much more!

  • Our Weather Page
    Includes poems about clouds and a book about weather written by 1st graders!

  • Savage Seas: The Weather Factory
    What goes on between the sea and sky? Cyclones, El Niņo, global warming, icebergs, and more! Check out the satellite viewer and video clips from this PBS TV show too.

  • Sky Diary KIDSTORM
    Offers facts, safety tips, illustrations, and photos that help explain tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes, and storm chasing.

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