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Prehistoric Animals (0)

  • Amber: Window to the Past
    See Nature's most spectacular artwork.

  • Australia's Lost Kingdoms
    Visit Australia as it was millions of years ago. Explore geologic time and get cool facts about animals that lived long ago.

  • BBC: Extinction Files
    illustrated guide to mass extinctions and the theories of why they happened. Includes a glossary of terms and info on fossils and ecology.

  • Douglas Henderson's Earth History Illustrations
    Check out illustrations meant to capture the Earth's geologic history. Includes drawings of dinosaurs, other animals and plants, and the land.

  • Earth's Beginnings and Archean Life
    Read about the beginning of the earth and the first animal life on earth at this online exhibit from Queen's University in Canada.

  • Evolution
    Go on a virtual journey into where we are from and where we're going. Learn about Darwin, survival and extinction, and how religion fits into the theory of evolution from this PBS series.

  • Field Adventures in Paleontology
    Read about digs one woman participated in all around the world. Includes a booklet about fossils for kids! Also in French.

  • Granger Papers Project
    Extensive personal collection of diaries, letters, photos, and memorabilia from the paleontologists the Grangers.

  • Mammoth Saga
    Check out an exhibit of mammoths and other animals and plants of the ice ages, from the Swedish Museum of Natural History.

  • OLogy: Paleontology
    Get special reports on fossils, meet people who study them, and check out suggestions for fun activities to try!

  • Royal Tyrrell Museum
    This museum located in Alberta, Canada is devoted entirely to palaeontology and has over 200 dinosaur specimens on display. Take a virtual tour, play some fun games, and lots more.

  • Strange Science: The Rocky Road to Modern Paleonto
    The knowledge we take for granted today was slow in coming, and along the way, scientists and scholars had some weird ideas. This Web site shows some of their mistakes and lists resources you can use to learn more.

  • Yukon Beringia Interpretive Centre
    Explore the treasures of the cold, dry, treeless expanse of the Yukon steppe during the Ice Age at this interpretive center in Whitehorse.

  • Zoom Paleontologists and Fossil Hunters
    Read about the people who find and study fossils and some major paleontologists.

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