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  • Blue Frontier: The Sustainable Seas Expedition
    Explore the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries with marine biologist Sylvia Earle and National Geographic. Get her latest dispatches from under the sea.

  • BrainPOP: Waves
    Learn what makes waves happen by watching a movie, taking a quiz, trying out an experiment, and more!

  • Careers in Oceanography
    lLearn about what an oceanographer does, and how you can become one.

  • Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Isl
    This Southampton, New York society promotes understanding and care of coastal ecosystems. Check out their latest research or view a slide show.

  • Dive and Discover: Expeditions to the Seafloor
    Get immersed in deep-sea exploration with scientists cruising the mid-ocean ridge. Read daily updates and explore towering underwater volcanoes, black smokers, bizarre sea creatures, and more!

  • Exploraquarium
    oOffers two separate exhibits, one on deep sea hydrothermal vents and one on the oceanography of Washington's Puget Sound.

  • Glaciers and Glacial Ages
    All about glaciers (Check out the info on whales, too).

  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, Inc.
    This Florida institute explores the Indian River Lagoon, a major estuary, and the sea to discover new and innovative ways to meet the needs of people. Check out their gallery for current online exhibits!

  • Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission
    Its goal is to understand and predict global and regional ocean conditions and the interaction with the atmosphere, biosphere and land.

  • JASON XI: Going to Extremes
    Modern-day explorers share their experiences and compare the Aquarius underwater lab to NASA's International Space Station as special places from which to explore the unknown!

  • Marine Biome
    Check out a list of animals that live in this region, from Cyber Zoo.

  • Marine Ecosystems
    Information on oceans, coral reefs, how currents work, and what happens where oceans and seas meet land.

  • Neptune's Web - An Oceanographic Voyage In Learnin
    Their student's sea of knowledge includes a colorful encyclopedia of oceanography and a quiz to test your knowledge!

  • Northeast Fisheries Science Center: Woods Hole Lab
    Supports the domestic and international conservation and management of living marine resources.

  • NOVA Online - Into the Abyss
    Follow this expedition's daring attempt to retrieve bizarre structures and life forms from the volcanic seafloor off the Pacific Northwest.

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