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  • 8th Grade Sci-ber Text
    Explore matter, energy, forces, machines, and the Earth. Includes pictures, fun activities, interesting labs, and Quicktime movies too!

  • Ask an Earth Scientist
    Answers from people in the Department of Geology and Geophysics at the University of Hawaii.

  • Australia's Lost Kingdoms
    Visit Australia as it was millions of years ago. Explore geologic time and get cool facts about animals that lived long ago.

  • Blast from the Past
    65 million years ago, an asteroid slammed into the earth. Find out what happened.

  • BrainPOP: Earth
    Watch cartoons, take quizzes, and try experiments to learn about geology and related topics such as a rock's cycle, volcanoes, our atmosphere, and more.

  • Discover Our Earth
    Use interactive tools to learn about topics related to the Earth sciences such as earthquakes, volcanoes, topography plate tectonics, and sea level change.

  • Douglas Henderson's Earth History Illustrations
    Check out illustrations meant to capture the Earth's geologic history. Includes drawings of dinosaurs, other animals and plants, and the land.

  • Earth Science World
    This natural site talks about earthy careers, rescources, and the celebration of Earth Science Week. Try out some of the activities while you're here.

  • Earth's Beginnings and Archean Life
    Read about the beginning of the earth and the first animal life on earth at this online exhibit from Queen's University in Canada.

  • Extreme Science
    The biggest, the baddest, and the best in the natural world are all gathered at this site. Includes pictures, info, types of scientists who study these phenomena, and where to go for more information.

  • Fossil Horse Cybermuseum
    Learn about paleontology and evolution by exploring the rich fossil record of horses. Take a sedimental journey, explore layers of the earth, and read a tale told by horse toes!

  • Fossils, Rocks, and Time
    Find out how scientists at the USGS read rocks and form geologic time scales in order to study the Earth's history.

  • From Sea to Prairie
    Introduction to the science of geology and the geology of Kansas.

  • Geo-Mysteries @ The Children's Museum
    Help Rex the Dino Detective solve some Geo Mysteries, check out a geologic timeline, and get some cool tips for going out in the field.

  • GeoKansas
    Learn all about Kansas' geology on this cool site. Includes info on fossils, geology images, rocks, and more!

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