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  • Cool Site
    Bring nature to your computer by exploring info and photos of almost any North American plant or animal. Check out diverse habitats, get tips from Audubon experts, and more!

  • What's it Like Where You Live? Cool Site
    Explore the rainforest, tundra, taiga, desert, temperate, and grassland biomes of the world. Learn about the plants, animals, and people that live in each area too.

  • 8th Grade Sci-ber Text
    Explore matter, energy, forces, machines, and the Earth. Includes pictures, fun activities, interesting labs, and Quicktime movies too!

  • Biological Control: A Guide to Natural Enemies in
    Find out how natural enemies can be used to help control pests like aphids, weeds, mites, and more.

  • Biomes - Living Worlds
    Discover the various biomes of the world. Find facts, photos, and video clips on the climate, location, animal and plant adaptations, land formations, and human influences of each living world. Also in Dutch.

  • Bridging the Watershed
    Study the Potomac and learn real-world science in the national parks around Washington, D.C..

  • Canterbury Environmental Education Centre
    A virtual tour of nature reserves in Kent, England supporting environmental education, teaching and research in schools, in universities and in lifelong learning.

  • CyberZoo's Key to the Biomes
    Explore eight different ecosystems including fresh water, tundra, grasslands, and deserts.

  • Earth on Edge Cool Site
    This site is the companion to the PBS documentary Bill Moyers Reports, Earth on Edge, which presents the findings of scientists who are studying the health of our world, as well as stories of ordinary people working to restore the health and well-being...

  • ECO-PROS - Ecology Protectors Society
    Learn about the environment, endangered species, natural resources, and ecology.

  • From the Desert to the Sea: Major Habitats of Sout
    Explore this region and learn about its large number of special ecosystems! Includes info on forests, valley grassland, marshes, and more.

  • Geography Action!
    Find fun and interactive activities on conservation, biodiversity, habitats, and more. From National Geographic.

  • Global Forest
    Learn all about different species of trees in Forest Biology. Or, shred through GF-Awesome and learn about weather, ecology, and other cool topics.

  • Habitats
    Describes different habitats and the animals that live there.

  • Habitats: Home Sweet Home
    Get up close and personal with earth's six habitats. Find info on protected lands, biodiversity, urban sprawl, conservation, and population.

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