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  • Adventures in Science and Technology
    Get info and try out experiments that deal with chemistry, biology, computer science, physics, and engineering. You can also check out bios of some Canadian scientists.

  • Aspire
    Learn about a variety of science-related subjects such as cosmic zoom, seismic waves, and lunar phases. You can also get the latest astronomy news, submit questions to a scientist, try your hand at quizzes, and more!

  • Big Ideas
    Read about this four-part miniseries in which the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey offers a look into the minds of their dynamic scholars and explores some of the most groundbreaking concepts ever.

  • BrainPOP
    This amazing site has activities and movies that make learning about health, science, and technology loads of fun! Check out BrainBuzz and today's featured movie too.

  • DragonflyTV
    Join some real kids doing real science on this companion site to the PBS series.

  • Everyday Science
    Radio series of two-minute programs that explore the wonders of science found in our everyday lives.

    Offers science articles in various categories such as space, physics, biology, earth science, and technology. Also has science and nature poems, a related quiz, video and photo clips, and games.

  • Frontiers Science Clubs
    Check out some amazing illusions, try some fun experiments, find info on famous scientists, and exchange science tips and ideas.

    Sharpen your math and science skills with games and activities, and learn about cool careers where you can apply your knowledge.

  • Girl Power!: Science & Technology
    Find out what the fields of science and technology hold for girls. Learn about cool science jobs, find out how to make your own web page, and meet some techy girls.

  • Global Forest
    Learn all about different species of trees in Forest Biology. Or, shred through GF-Awesome and learn about weather, ecology, and other cool topics.

  • Harcourt Science
    Offers activities and resources by topic including updated Science news and video clips from CNN Turner Learning. In English or Spanish.

  • Imaginary Lines
    Discover science clubs, festivals, and camps just for girls from this company founded by Sally Ride, the first woman in space.

  • Internet Learning Network Home
    Try your hand at some math and science quizzes and compare how you did with kids in other countries. For 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 8th grade levels.

  • Jokes and Science
    Browse this collection of science jokes, pictures, and stamps by topic.

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