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Directory > Weird & Mysterious > UFOs

  • About: UFOs/Aliens
    Offers UFO news, links, reader submitted sightings, feature articles, and more.

  • Aliens and UFOs Among Us
    Opinions, pictures and questionnaire.

  • Allegory of the Alien
    essay about intervention, groups operating in disguise on Earth, teleportation technology, clones, and the secret alien war.

  • Anomalous Images and UFO Files
    Includes images of Mars and the Moon, as well as UFO text files.

  • Area 51
    Area 51, also known as Groom Lake, is a secret military facility about 90 miles north of Las Vegas. The number refers to a 6-by-10-mile block of land, at the center of which is a large air base the government will not discuss. UFO and conspiracy stories.

  • Cosmic Conspiracies
    UFOs on film, famous UFO cases, alien abductions, strange-but-true events, and more.

  • Earth Curtain, The
    Offers video footage of UFOs and vistors from another place.

  • Hastings UFO Society
    UFOlogy, alienology and paranormal sciences, plus the first psychic CB radio station in cyberspace.

  • Life Beyond Earth
    Is there life on other worlds? Join the search for an answer here, including solar system exploration and possible UFOs. You can even write to an alien! From PBS TV.

  • National UFO Reporting Center
    Sighting reports from the most widely used UFO reporting agency in the U.S.

  • National UFO Reporting Center
    The Center's primary function over the past two decades has been to receive, record, and to the greatest degreepossible, corroborate and document reports from individuals who have been witness to unusual, possibly UFO-related events.

  • Roswell Project
    Was the wreckage from the sky really part of a flying saucer? Find out why people believed that the government held aliens captive in Roswell, New Mexico.

  • UFO Online
    Research, photos, and accounts from the astounding world of Italian and international ufology.

    includes news and information on sightings and how to report one, pictures, chat, and merchandise.

  • Where Is Area 51 Cool Site
    Want to know where Area 51 is? Area 51 location and information about Groom Lake, also known as Dreamland.

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