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  • AT&T Bell Laboratories: Voices
    Type in a goofy message, in English, and hear it spoken with this amazing Text-To-Speech (TTS) technology!

  • Headbone Zone Mini-Mart
    Download some free stuff or get the scoop on their CD-ROMs and merchandise.

  • K i d P i x
    Express your creativity using these cool online art tools. Get some bright ideas, see the picture of the week, and take a sneak peak at the newest Kid Pix software.

  • Mister Matt Software Web Site
    Create your own screen saver with Music Brush, and check out the other demos.

  • Penguin's Guide to Linux
    A ThinkQuest team takes you through the history and use of this popular operating system.

  • PowerPoint in the Classroom
    Master this computer program and make the most of those book reports and class presentations.

  • Speech
    If you use a Mac, find out how you can talk to your computer and hear it talk back to you using Apple's Speech Recognition software. Works in English or Spanish!

  • Toy Story 2 Game
    Get info on the Buzz Lightyear computer game. See screenshots and a video clip too. From Activision.

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