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  • Beanie Kid
    Includes info about her friends as well as some games and jokes.

  • Ben and Jake's Classroom
    This 2nd and 3rd grader are homeschooled and show you some of the projects they've been working on, as well as book reviews, favorite sites, and more.

  • Bethany's Beanie Babies
    Gallery of original Beanie photos, and the current and retired beanies in my collection.

  • Broadway Boy's Excellent Theatre Page
    Read this young actor's reviews of his favorite broadway plays, answer some trivia, and much more!

  • Chatter Matter
    Celebrity news, pictures, and assorted facts from an Australian girl's point of view.

  • Chintan Hossain
    Read this math whiz's original story about a trip through cyberspace.

  • Chooney the Clown
    Filled with clown jokes, pictures, and interesting facts and memorabilia about clowns.

  • Corey's Website
    Personal home page for this child model and actor from the U.K..

  • Darren Parnell's Website
    Check out book and movie reviews by Darren, or learn about local legends in his area.

  • Dirtgirl
    Meet this girl who loves to ride dirt bikes!

  • Dogmandu
    Lucky is a dog who turns into a boy. You can read about Lucky's misadventures or look at codes for computer games here!

  • Dolphin's Power Page
    Learn about her pets, family, and favorite hobbies.

  • Eddie
    Check out Eddie's smart tips for tests or his baseball card postings.

  • Edward's Home Page
    Visit his site and find out about what he likes, including LeAnn Rimes!

  • Emily's Rainbow Farm
    Fun site inspired by 5 year old girl. Stop by and play Emilypedo (Java game), check out some of Emily's art, or get answers from a crystal ball.

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