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This favorite traditional game is an excellent way for children to develop early counting skills and familiarity with the sequence of numbers to 100. It should be played by either a pair of children, or a child and adult. Before starting the game, discuss the layout of the board. Start at the bottom left hand corner and point out that the numbers can be counted in order along that row. Once the end of the row is reached though, the counting needs to change direction. This is often confusing for children, as they are generally taught to count from left to right. Consequently children often make mistakes in 'Snakes and Ladders' because they forget to change direction in each row, and can easily find themselves counting backwards. Help the children to: count the number of spots on the dice count the same number of 'jumps' on the game board keep to the 'one jump - one count' rule check that they are counting in the right direction. Show children how to click on the square they will reach in each turn. Their counter will immediately follow.

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