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This puzzle reinforces the ordering of numbers from 10 to 100 and the patterns found on a 100 square. In this puzzle the children are asked to look at the squares which have lost their numbers. The caterpillar indicates which square children should look at, and the children then choose the correct number for that square from the selection at the side of the screen. The chosen missing number can be dragged into position on top of the waving caterpillar. Before starting the puzzle talk about the selection of 'missing numbers' which are at the side of the screen. Patterns in the Hundred Square Which is the biggest number? Which is the smallest number? Which number belongs nearest to the top of the 100 square, nearest to the beginning of th row, end of the row, etc? Then support children in solving the puzzle by discussing the ways in which the patterns on the hundred square might be of helpand by asking them questions. The missing number must be: one more than the square to the left of the caterpillar one less than the square to the right of the caterpillar ten more than the square directly above the caterpillar.

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