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The aim of the game is for the player to reach the target score by placing the darts on the relevant area of the dartboard. The player is set ten
random target scores for each level. The target score is shown in the red box. The numbers in the centre circle can be selected to reach the target
score as well as those in the outer circle.Please note that this game does not use click and drag. The player should click once on the dart to attach
it to the cursor. Then move the cursor to the space they want it to land in and click a second time to detach it.The game reinforces doubling and
adding doubles for a wide range of abilities. Level 1, where the target score is achieved by doubling single numbers, enables the player to
consolidate the knowledge acquired in Year 1.In levels 2 and 3, they can take the learning outcomes further by doubling up two or three separate
numbers and adding them together to reach the target score. For these levels, the numbers selected will appear in the sum at the bottom left of the
screen. The total scored is shown every time the player presses the equals sign.A voice-over will then tell the player whether they have hit the
target score or whether their total is above or below it. If they have not hit the target score, the player is given a second chance. If they have
scored correctly, they are moved on to a fresh game.Familiarising themselves with the concept of doubling will help them to get started with the times tables.

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